Tuesday 3 May 2011

Happy New Week!

Well, it's already Tuesday, but it's still pretty new, right? ;)

So. Y'know how I was complaining about the shitty weather last week? On Sunday, the sun finally returned and the temperature was actually quite warm. It was lovely, and we decided to go for a really nice, long walk before the weather decided to change again. Luckily, it stayed all day...

Yet, I can't bring myself to fully trust the weather. I keep waiting for the clouds to close in again and the rain to return. I had good reason to. As soon as I woke up on Monday: bleak sky + rain = another crappy day in Sydney. WTF's going on with this weather? I'm so over it, already. Bring back the sun and let it stay.

Anyway. The weather's not going to stop me from attacking my to-do list. As I mentioned on Saturday, I finished another story. This time it was a novella, just under 35k-long. I also worked on the synopsis yesterday and got it all finished today. I just submitted it. Now, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Of course, there are still a bunch of other things I've got to do and I think I'll be getting another round of edits sometime this week. It's always busy-busy around here, huh? How have you guys been lately?

Have a great week!

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