Friday 3 December 2010

So, here we are again... Friday!

It looks like the weather's going to change for the better. Or maybe I'm just hoping that it does because I'm so darn sick of the rain.

Seriously, it's rained most of the week. :( And I really want to straighten my hair today. lmao.

Rain + straightening = waste of time.

So, let's hope I'm right and the rain is indeed gone for a bit. It's supposed to be summer! I can handle thunderstorms and rain in the afternoon, but continuous rain, not so much.

Anyway, enough about the weather.

I found out this morning that THE SOUL DEALER: Deception is up for November Cover of the Month at Happily Ever After Reviews. It's a lovely cover. Dara England did a great job, so if you have a sec to vote for it, that would be awesome. Thanks! :)

Well, today I'm hoping to have another semi-day off. In which I tackle a bunch of smaller things, squeeze in a little yoga (which I didn't do yesterday) and reading. I'd also like to (maybe) write the first chapter for that strange futuristic novel idea I got last week, I think it was. The first chapter kinda hit me upside the head yesterday afternoon. I had to pull out my phone and started typing away on Quickoffice.

It's all getting very vivid in my head now, so I have to get some of it outta there before the next lot of edits come my way. Which could be any day now...

Have a great weekend!

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