Monday 22 November 2010

Na Na Na...

Well, hello there new week! How are you? I personally wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to Sunday just yet, but what can I do? It's not like I can stop time or anything. ;)

We enjoyed another chillaxing Sunday: caught up on a bunch of shows and even managed to squeeze in a movie. Yay. It was very cool. And the weather was so summerlike. Which I'm absolutely lovin', because I'm totally over the rainy crap weather we've been having lately. :(

Bring on the sunshine, I say! (Just looked out the window... looks like we're heading into overcast territory. Boo!)

Anyway, I've got some edits to tackle today (and maybe tomorrow). At the moment I'm sitting on pg24/85, which is a pretty cool headstart. I'm going to spend the rest of the day on this first round of edits, so I'm going to push as far as I can. Of course, I'm secretly hoping to get it outta the way by this arvo, when I head out to pick my daughter up from school. We'll see.

Hope you all have a great week! :)

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