Thursday 28 October 2010

It's dark outside

Yep, looks like another overcast/rainy day. Which totally sucks when it's a weekday and I have to take my daughter to school, and then go for my walk in the puddles.

Sucky, much? lol.

I haven't minded the rain so much lately, but because of it yesterday afternoon I lost my most fave skull phone charm. It was hanging off my phone one second, and then the raincoat must've done something to it, and the next time I checked, it was gone! :( So sad. I loved it. Gave my phone extra personality.

Anyway. The final round of edits for THE SOUL DEALER: Redemption have been done! Wooohooo.

I just finished them now. I worked on it yesterday (and reached pg34/72) and then got stuck into them as soon as hubby left really early this morning. Not kidding, he had to get to work by 5am. So, the extra time helped me achieve my goal before my daughter was even awake.

Of course, I haven't actually emailed them in yet because I want to take one last/quick look at them, pick out an excerpt, and then send it in. That also means that I should have a release date very, very soon. Cool! I'll keep you posted. 

Phew. That pretty much means that I've got the rest of the day to keep up with the notes, catch up with a little bit more reading, and even (maybe) squeeze in a yoga workout. Depends how I feel after the walk. Did another weights workout last night. Ouch! Still, the soreness from that won't hit me until this afternoon, so it might just be okay. ;)

Well, that's it for today. Se ya later!

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