Monday 5 July 2010

Back to the dreary...

After a gorgeous weekend, once daylight hit this morning (I actually get up before the sun comes up, lol) I noticed how dark it was still out there. And of course, no sun means that the temperature drops quite a bit. :(

Anyway. I'm so tired today. We've been watching the soccer over the weekend, which means going to bed after 2AM. At least I'm glad that the matches were good. And guess what? Spain's gone through to the next round! Yay. Let's hope they make it all the way to the end, huh?

Yesterday, I had three different short stories accepted into three different Static Movement Anthologies. They are for: Creepy Things, Were-What? and Caught By Darkness. That was very cool news, indeed! I'm very excited to have found a home for my little stories. It's better than just having them sit on my hard drive.

This year, I've been going through short stories that I've written throughout the years, and I've put aside the ones that I think deserve to be looked at and revised/rewritten. My writing has evolved, and some of those shorties deserve a second chance at life. So after doing just that to a handful of them, being included in the above anthologies is great!

Okay. Another cool thing: I believe that the Sci-Fi novel (yes, I can now call it a novel) is done. I finished reading everything that I rewrote on Friday, and added/deleted a few last-minute things. I'm very excited about how it's turned out, and hope to sub it in tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed. It ended up being 60,829 words. How cool is that? And it's so different that it's virtually a new story. ;)

Darn it! I was hoping to go for a walk today, but it looks like we won't be going anywhere. It's raining. :( Now, I have no problem walking in the rain when I'm by myself, but dragging my daughter with me is a different story. So, let's hope it clears up soon.

Two days until SoG is released...


Tez Miller said...

Were-What? Oh, that's the same collection Naomi Clark will be in - yay, you two together :-)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah, that's cool! :)

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