Tuesday 15 June 2010

Major reading fail!

Yeah. I tried to read over the long weekend, but couldn't concentrate.

I just couldn't get my story out of my head. And that means that I can't concentrate on anyone else's, which is actually not a good thing, since I've got books I need to read and review. :/

Anway, how was your weekend? Mine was awesome. It's a shame about the Socceroos losing to Germany. But unlike so many people, I've still got faith in them. I think it's awesome that they made it to the World Cup at all. That's a great achievement. I'll be watching their next match this weekend.

Okay. So I mentioned that one of my stories is consuming my brain, right? But it's not a new story. I haven't thrown myself into a first draft yet. It's funny, because I was trying to figure out why that is... and finally came to the conclusion that because I've started edits on SHADE OF GREY, I really don't want to get stuck into anything new until I'm finished up with that. Of course, that didn't stop me from getting into something else.

During this year, I've started to accumulate a few uncontracted stories. Last week, I grabbed a notebook and listed them. There's a few there. Some I'm not going to do anything with, others I'd like to resubmit somewhere else, and a few will even end up being offered as free reads on my website. Actually, I've already got one ready to go for next month. But there are also a few that could become so much more. And that's how I got stuck into this story. I was originally just going to get it ready to submit, but made the mistake of reading the first chapter. Before I knew it, I was finishing up the second chapter, and had made a whole bunch of changes.

Afterward, I couldn't shake the main character, or the story. So I gave into what I was trying to ignore: this story has the potential to become a novel-sized tale. I'm not talking 70k, I'm talking 50k. The original word count was 32k, and after I've finished revising the first 41 pages, it's gone up to 38,553. And I'm not beefing it up, I'm actually rewriting a whole lot of it. Deleting stuff that I don't want there, changing character names, appearances, adding a new POV, extending and clarifying the shadow POV I don't think needs to be a mystery. Things like that.

I'm actually having a lot of fun doing this, and the story feels better already. A lot stronger, deeper. I'm very excited about it. So, that's how I got stuck into this latest project of mine. It wasn't planned, but I'm determined to follow it through to the end. When you wake up with new snippets in your head, things you can't wait to add, that's a fantastic thing!

Well, see ya!

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