Saturday 1 May 2010

A little Loki update:

I took this cheeky Loki pic with my phone camera the other day while he was sitting inside a new box.

Yep. We got a package and as soon as I opened it and took out the contents, he jumped in. Oh, okay, he actually jumped in while the stuff was still in there. LOL.

Anyway. We got up early this morning and made our way to the RSPCA for his follow-up appointment.

The vet took a swab of both ears and checked them. The infection is no longer there. Yay! She cleaned them out to make sure any residue from the drops was gone, too. Then she checked his teeth and said they're not looking too bad. They're not 100% but are certainly getting there. We need to keep giving him the prescription food and then move onto the oral care stuff.

That's not so bad. :)

We're all very excited. It means our little buddy is back to normal. Well, almost. He's still got that bald patch on his back. :/ But it looks like the fur's already growing back.

This is a great start to the weekend.

Oh, and if you'd like to read my latest interview... I'm over at Rachel Brimble's blog. It was a fun interview and I'm chatting about my upcoming Eternal Press 'alien' novel, Shade of Grey.

Have a good one!


Tez Miller said...

Great to hear that his ears are better! And hopefully you enjoyed your package as much as he enjoyed the box ;-)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

lol. Thanks! How's Manny doing?

Tez Miller said...

His sores healed nicely, but my word that cat was difficult when it came to swallowing his antibiotic tablets! Kept spitting it out, grr... ;-)

He must be enjoying the 22C weather, because I haven't seen him at all today. Must be sleeping in someone's yard :-)

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