Monday 26 April 2010

Some Urban Fantasy reading...

Last week, I looked at my TBReviewed pile, and because it was almost finished I decided to pick up a few of my own books. I was in the mood for an urban fantasy or two, because I love the genre so much.

And these are the ones I read, which as far as series books go, are some of my faves:

With her partner out of town, her family abroad, and her mentor estranged, newly-turned vampire Anna Strong is keeping a low profile.

But now young vampires are turning up dead, completely drained of their life force. And though Anna wants to say no when Williams, her former teacher and now leader of a supernatural enforcement squad, asks for her help, she can't. But soon, she'll wish she did.

This is the 5th book in the Anna Strong, Vampire series and I absolutely loved it. Actually, I found myself racing through it because I got so caught up in Anna's latest adventure.

If you've read any of the books in this series, then you know that Anna's headstrong and quite stubborn. Her life is also riddled with problems and this book's just as action-packed and problematic as the ones before it because Anna's fighting to save the lives of two of her friends. But saving them involves solving the mystery of young vamps that keep turning up dead. What she uncovers is pretty awful, but nothing's too hard for her to deal with.

Excellent book. No wonder this is one of my most fave series. :)

Morgan Kingsley, America’s most successful exorcist, is paying the price for an exorcism gone wrong. The victim’s family is suing the daylights out of her, the Exorcism Board has suspended her, and now she’s living on a diet of ramen noodles and bad coffee. But Morgan has a few good men at her side. One is her current boyfriend, nice-guy legal eagle Brian, who’s suddenly starting to reveal his inner bad boy. The other is Philly cop Adam White, who’s trying to help Morgan find out who sent her a little present—a severed human hand—and why someone seems determined to destroy her.

As her stalker turns more violent, leaving dead bodies in his wake, Morgan turns to the dark side of her life: a group of demons steeped in secrets, sinful eroticism, and otherworldly family feuds, including one sexy beast who shares Morgan’s body—and some X-rated fantasies. Soon Morgan must choose between her friends, her enemies, and her libido: to escape a mad demon determined to destroy her completely.

This is the 4th book in the Morgan Kingsley series, and as you've probably guessed: I loved it!

Morgan's another tough chick that I love to read about. She happens to be an exorcist, but wait, she's also carrying a demon within her, who happens to be a very important guy. It's been a great ride, to watch Morgan grow and accept what she's become. She struggled with Lugh a lot in the beginning, and while it's still not a picnic, at least they have a good rapport now and work with each other.

The few things that helped keep her mind off the impending demon war were her job and her boyfriend, but in this installment both come under threat. She's suspended because someone's sueing her, and Brian finally walks out on her because of her trust issues. Still, she can't just sit back and mope, she's got to clear her name and find out why a psychotic demon has targetted her and is intent on ruining her life.

I love the situations and characters in this series. I found out the other day that the next book will be the last in the series. :( So, I ordered it right away. As sad as I am that this series is over, I can't wait to see where Morgan and the gang end up. Oh, and because Jenna Black is such a cool writer, I know she'll have more fab books to offer in the future.

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