Monday 19 April 2010


This morning started out like any other morning: I got up at 7AM, gave Loki something to eat, did yoga while he sat nearby, then got breakfast ready for everyone. We had brekky and were getting ready to head out for a walk when hubby noticed some of Loki's fur on the bathroom wall!

I was like, what the hell? Anyway, we had a look at him and found a bald spot on his shoulder. And the skin looked red and irritated.

I'd noticed that he was scratching his ear a bit while I was getting dressed, but I thought it was because of the ear drops. Nope. Turns out he gave himself a bald patch. So we rang a few local vets and were able to take him to one of them. He took a look and put some ointment on the irritated skin, which helped right away. We got a tube of it and need to put it on twice a day for about a week, as well as the drops.

The vet said there were a few reasons why he might've done that to himself--the area where he got the shot could be itchy, or the drops are annoying him. Basically, it could be any of the changes we've had to make during the last two days. Still, those changes need to stay. So I hope he'll be okay now. He's been pretty relaxed since we got back home.

It's so strange, when we put him in his carrier and put him in the car he starts to cry. He cries all the way there, but when we're heading home he sits all quiet and cute. Almost like he knows he's going back home so he's okay. Loki loves routine. If anything's done out of order he doesn't like it. He's quite a peculiar little kitty, and I know these changes are bugging him.

I feel so bad that all these things are happening to him at once. :( But I'm glad that we're getting them looked at. *sigh*

Well, it's Monday. It might be the start of a new week, but I'll be tackling a goal that's carried over. I calculated that if I can get 30 pages done/day I can get this second draft done by Friday. Of course, rewriting means that the word count goes up and down every time I tackle a new section, so it feels like I'll never get to the end. lol.

I suppose I should get started. Daughter and I have to head out for a walk in a few hours, and need to stop by the grocery store for some bread. She goes back to school tomorrow.

See ya!


Tez Miller said...

Oh noes! Mega-hugs to Loki, the poor lad :-(

Karen Mahoney said...

Sending a huge cuddle for Loki. It's so worrying when our kitties aren't well, but I'm sure he'll be okay soon.

One of mine went through an over-grooming stage. It was awful! His tail was almost bald (!), but with lots of love and regular doses of antibiotics to fight infection, he made a full recovery & stopped doing it. He was suffering from stress, bless him.

Anyway! Hopefully Loki will be much better soon. :)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Thanks Tez! :)

Hey Karen. Thanks! It is worrying. You know, until this happened I'd never heard of over-grooming. Such a strange thing for them to do, but it makes sense I suppose. He looks a lot better and seems to have calmed down. So, fingers crossed. I'll keep the blog up to date. :)

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