Friday 26 March 2010

Friday is a good day...

Even when I used to work full time (or especially when) Friday was a day that I didn't mind getting through. It's easier to have a smile on your face and be in a good mood at the end of the working week.

Not when you work on weekends. Which is something I used to do as well. lol. I guess there's an upside and downside to everything.

Anyway. Today was a gorgeous summer day. Seriously, all week has pretty much been summer all over again--in autumn. But hey, I'm not complaining. If we can keep this going until July, I'll be happy. ;) Of course, that's not gonna happen, but I can hope. Not a winter fan.

I had a very productive day. I managed to finish up my upcoming interview with TRS, and even emailed it in. I also wrote one of my guest blog posts for next month. Just need to proofread it before I can send it off. Hoping to do that tomorrow morning. I designed a new cover on Photoshop for another eBook I want to offer as a free read, and have got a brand new *gorgeous* cover that I will be sharing very soon...

Oh, and last night while hubby and I were lifting weights, I pulled out my notebook and started listing actual chapters in (one of) my current WIP. I managed to get through to the end of chapter four, which is awesome. Since I never do this type of thing. Mostly I go in with an idea, a clue, a bunch of connections... but I think my writing technique is morphing again. That's a cool thing, btw.

Have a great weekend!


Karen Mahoney said...

Dude, can I just return the compliment and say how much I love YOUR new layout here. So cool and clean and easy to read. <3

*waves* Hi!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Karen, thanks so much! :)

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