Thursday 18 February 2010


...I don't have any links to any guest spots today. It almost feels strange.

Anyway, today I spent most of the day listening to This Is War because, you know, I felt like it. :) I've been working on so much revision lately that I haven't had a chance to listen to anything. I'm missing my 30STM & MCR tunes. I can't revise/edit with music on, it gets too distracting. While I write a first draft it's cool. Helps me get into the story. :) Yes, I'm a strange one.

After my marathon revision during the last few days, I took today to catch up on a few other things. I worked on some interview questions, posted another review, went through my list of books left to review, added some I received today, and went through my bookshelf. It's that time again, they're filling up too fast. lol.

Um, I just remembered that I'm due to post at RomErotica, so I might go and do that. Bye for now!

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