Wednesday 25 November 2009

Well, I'm back... even though I didn't go anywhere

Yikes! The last four days have been filled with stuff, and fun. Been doing a lot of writing things too, like adding words to my NaNoWriMo novel, completing several rounds of edits, and proofreading a few things before they're finalised.

Phew. Busy, busy. But it's been great. I absolutely love the editing process. The way it challenges me to strengthen everything. The way I can bounce things off my editor and vice versa. It's very cool stuff.

Hubby also helped me put a different colour in my hair. I was getting really tired of looking at my supposed-to-be-red-but-turned-into-copper streaks. They just didn't look nice. So, I darkened my hair again. Yay. It's now a lovely shade called red mahogany. Love it!

So, my NaNo word count is now sitting @41,534. And that's before I sit down and do today's writing session. I'm pretty happy with the progress, and even happier with the way the story's going. There are a few extra things happening that I didn't expect, as well as some things slotting into place much better than I imagined they would.

My goal for today is to reach 43,200 words, but I reckon that if I buckle down I can reach 45k. That would be so much better. I'd really like to reach the 50k NaNoWriMo target by Friday. Though I'm not sure if that'll get me to the end of the story. Maybe it will. Maybe it'll go longer, but as long as I reach the goal for November, it's fine. I can just continue with the story until I finish it, even if it carries me into next month.

Well, I better get to it. Got lots of words to add, and a bunch of other things to do as well. Have a good one!

***Just wanted to remind you that FAITHLESS is still available from Damnation Books for under $1. But that'll change next week. On December 1st, it'll go up to $4.50.***

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