Thursday 26 November 2009

Garbage & other stuff

Do you ever wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep? Well, that's exactly how I felt this morning. Actually, I've felt like that every morning this week. Lol. I've just been packing in so much into every day -- physically and mentally. I find that I'm mentally exhaused at the end of the night when I'm working on a first draft.

But last night the hubby and I had to drag a whole bunch of crap out of the garage and place it outside on the street for the council to pick up. It's an easy process: call the local council, arrange for a day to have them pick up your crap, take it outside the night before, and they'll gladly remove your unwanted furniture, bikes, etc. But for some reason, people never bother. All the stuff we took out there belonged to other people. Have no idea who, but former tenants, or people who just move in and feel that it's their right to dump crap in the common garage below the apartment block. I've got news for them -- it's not. They should take care of it themselves. Grrr.

But anyway. We busted our chops getting it all out there, and most of the stuff was totally gross. But it's done, it's gone. We took charge and now the fire hazard and potential rat/bug home has been destroyed. It feels good to clear out the garbage.


In other news, I've just finished today's writing session and have hit 48,149 words. Yikes! I'm so darn close. I think I've got one more chapter and an epilogue left to write, so it looks like I might go over the 50k mark, but not by much. I think.

Well, see ya!

***Just wanted to remind you that FAITHLESS is still available from Damnation Books for under $1. But that'll change next week. On December 1st, it'll go up to $4.50.***

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