Thursday 18 June 2009

No title Thursday

You know, some days, finding the perfect picture to fit my mood is actually harder than getting the words out for a post. Strange. Very strange.

Still, I'm glad that I found this pic. Today I wanted something a little dark. I've been feeling a little on the gloomy side since yesterday, and having one overcast day after another with a good dose of rain and cold isn't helping. So, I think this one's good for today.

Yesterday we went to the doctor and when we got out I was shivering. It was so cold that my jaw was actually chattering. Can you believe that? Anyway. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics for me. There are a lot of reasons why winter doesn't suit me, and the cold is only one of them. Because I've got that whole ongoing nose prob thingy, I'm mostly blocked. All the time. The collection of nasal sprays I use help, but when the cold weather sets in and I catch a cold, my breathing prob intensifies.

So much that I can hardly breathe. Eating becomes a bit of a prob too, because my throat feels as blocked as my nose and I find it hard to swallow the food. Anyway, I don't want to gross anyone out anymore than I already have, so, let's just hope the antibiotics help clear me up a bit.

This morning I got stuck into the writing and managed to reach 29,010 words. I'm really happy with that because yesterday's effort fell a bit short of my expectation. No 4k day for Wednesday, but let's hope Thursday is much more productive. Although, I did finish reading this book. Wow! I really, really enjoyed it. The violence and rawness of it all matched my mood perfectly, too. :)

Okay. That's enough rambling for today. I have to get my daughter out of bed. Something strange has started to happen. Now that the weather is so much colder, she sleeps much longer. Until I wake her. Loki tries to wake her about ten times before I do, but she doesn't budge. Lol.

Have a good day!


D Carney said...

Feel better, Yolanda.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Thanks Dee! :)

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