Saturday 27 June 2009

GHOSTGIRL: Rest In Popularity

Charlotte Usher has always felt invisible at school. But now she has a plan to break into the popular crowd and nothing is going to stop her. Not even death. It's the first day of the rest of Charlotte's life. She isn't going to be invisible anymore. And she's not going to stop at just getting noticed, she's determined that she'll be envied!

Much to Charlotte's surprise her plan actually seems to be working: Petula, the most popular girl at school has finally acknowledged her existence and her lab partner for the rest of the term is none other than Damen Dylan, school heart-throb and object of Charlotte's desire.

It's only a matter of time before she's accepted into their elite circle...that is until, in her excitement, Charlotte chokes to death on a gummy bear. So, ok, it's the first day of the rest of Charlotte's death - why should that change her plans?

This is the first Ghostgirl book and I really enjoyed it! It's one of those books that focuses on just how much teenagers value popularity. It's a hilarious - yet morbid - look at one girl's quest to become popular in a school where she's never been noticed.

Charlotte is sick and tired of being invisible and spends all summer trying to model herself after the most popular girl in her school, Petula. A girl who happens to be self-involved, selfish, and very nasty. Oh, and her boyfriend is the guy that Charlotte is obsessed with.

However, Charlotte's plans get sidetracked when she chokes on a piece of candy and joins the ranks of the Dead Ed. A fascinating group of dead teenagers that remain at the school because they each have issues that need to be resolved before they can move on. Except, Charlotte's not interested in hanging out with the dead and continues to get involved in the lives of the living. Not even death is going to keep her from getting Damen to take her to the Fall Ball.

When Charlotte realises that the goth and broody Scarlet can see her and no one else can, she hatches an insane plan that will finally get her popularity and her dream guy. However, messing with the living and getting stuck in what becomes a selfish plot leads both the living and dead teenagers into a hell of a lot of trouble. Ending in a bizarre and unexpected way.

Ghostgirl: Rest In Popularity is quirky, entertaining, filled with an odd mix of characters, a lot of fun and a very fast book to read. I consumed it in a day because it captured my imagination and I found the dark humour engaging. It's written in a very witty voice that captures all of the characters and keeps you wondering how Charlotte will ever redeem herself and clean up the mess she makes along the way. And I especially liked Scarlet.

I also have to mention that this book is absolutely gorgeous! It's a hardcover book that's slimmer and longer than usual. The cover art matches the fun feel of the story and the inside is absolutely stunning. It's such a pretty book and totally compliments the gloomy story.

I'm really looking forward to the second installment. :)

Ghostgirl: Rest In Popularity, September 2008, ISBN 0755347706, Headline Hardback (HC)

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