Monday 4 May 2009


I feel really tired this morning.

Almost as if sleep didn't do anything to help me rest during the night. :/ It sucks when you wake up tired, doesn't it?

We've been doing a lot more working out and even more walking than usual, so I guess that explains why I'm usually exhausted by 8pm.

It also took me a long time to find a pic that captured my mood this morning, and pretty much settled for the one to my left.

Well, it's a new week and I've decided to go back to the first draft I started writing several weeks ago. Remember how I stopped @ 15k for UC? Well, this morning I opened up the Word doc and started reading what I'd already written. Just to get back up to speed. I stopped at page 32/66 because my daughter woke up, but I'm hoping to add at least 2k later today. Although, it would be even better if I could manage more. ;) Lol.

We'll see how I go. I wasn't even sure if this was what I wanted to work on this week... until the story started bugging me over the weekend.

Now, I'm all ready to go and can't wait to write this story.

If you're interested in sampling some of my work, or would just like to read a freebie, I've now posted two free reads over at my Stuff page. Hope you enjoy 'em! :D

Well, it's time to get my daughter off to school now. Have a good one!

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