Sunday 24 May 2009


Orphaned and in her uncle's care, fiercely independent Quincie may be the most over-achieving high-school student around, but even she has her hands full with a hybrid-werewolf boyfriend and the opening of Sanguini's, her hip vampire-themed restaurant, which turns out to have way more bite than she'd intended.

Well, this one turned out to be a great read! It was one of those stories that when you get started you think you know where it's going to go and then you hit a certain page and - Pow! Nope, it heads in a different direction that totally throws you off-course and has you moving even faster through the pages. Actually, I read most of it today. I started last night, at about midnight, and stopped somewhere near page 30 because I was too tired. Today was a different story, I couldn't put it down!

Quincie is a girl who's lost her parents and is left to live with her uncle, who also manages the restaurant she inherited. When he decides to take it in a different direction, one that will cater to the fantasy of vampires and offer not just some lovely cuisine but also a total experience, she finds herself being swept away by the new head chef. 'Bradley' seems to be there, understanding her every step of the way as she stuggles with her blossoming love towards her best friend, Kieren. Who also happens to be a hybrid-wolf.

However, she starts to develop a 'drinking problem' and begins to doubt her friendship towards Kieren. Not to mention that she's a little tired of wishing they were more, although he keeps her at a certain distance. What happens to Quincie, and what she eventually finds herself facing will change her life forever.

It was a really great story, with a cool twist! Quincie was a great character who's desperately trying to find herself while maintaining her devotion for her family restaurant - no matter what the cost. It was a fast read that kept me interested from start to end. If you're into YA, vampire, or were stories, you might want to check this one out. :)

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