Friday 22 May 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Ugh! The rain is starting to annoy me as much as my runny nose. :/ It's coming down so hard - the rain, that is - that several places in QLD and Northern NSW are flooding. That's not a good thing. Doesn't it suck that you can never get a nice dose of whatever weather you need? It usually winds up being excessive or lacking.

So, what's new? Is everyone having a good week? Mine's been productive, but today I'd like to squeeze in a few too many things, so I'm not sure if I'll get everything done.

I added more wordage to UC yesterday and have officially passed the 50k mark. I'm now sitting @ 50,206 words. Yay! I've met my goal for this week. I've still got a scene that I'd love to write today. Hope I get the chance, and I just wish this darn headcold would go away. It's getting to be a total drag. Lol. My head feels like it weighs a tonne.

Last night, I stayed up a little longer to finish this book. OMG! It was fantastic. What an incredible tale - very dark, gritty, and plenty twisted. It was a great read and I'll be posting a review for it shortly. Wow! I really, really enjoyed it. Looks like I'll be reading a little Sookie next. ;)

Okay, I have to get my daughter off to school earlier than usual today. It's soccer day and they start early, but I don't think they'll be going anywhere in this weather. Still, it doesn't stop her from freaking out and trying to rush me out the door.

Check out those Winchester boys! ;) Well, have a great weekend!

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