Wednesday 8 April 2009

Writing, reading... repeat!

Well, here we are in mid-week again. Although, technically, because this week is one day short, we're almost at the weekend. Yay! A four-day weekend is always a great thing, right?

This morning, I could've used an extra hour or two of sleep. We get up at 4am every morning. It's usually not a prob to jump out of bed, but for some reason I wanted to sleep in today. Lol.

Remember how I mentioned I might start a new novel first draft the other day? I did it. I sat down on Monday and got started. So far, I've written 7,228 words. Not bad.

I wanted to get a feel for this new tale... let's call it UC for now, because I don't want to keep confusing everyone with the whole 'second trilogy' thing. :) So, UC is going to be written in two stages. This week, and then I'll pick it up again after my daughter goes back to school. She's got two weeks off, so it won't be too bad. I was hoping to get the first 20k written, but I'm not sure if I'll get there. That's roughly 13k in two days. What I'm really aiming for is to get the first four chapters written. If I can manage that, I'll be very happy. :) Since I haven't done my writing session yet for today, it's still doable.

The other day I read Volume 3 of the Sandman comics.

You know, so far, this is my least favourite. Actually, I only liked one story in it. It was called Calliope and featured one of the muses. It was a creepy and very demented story of a writer who's lost his spark and finds it again with Calliope. Well, he does some horrid stuff to get his writing groove back. Ugh! But it was a fantastic tale.

The others I didn't enjoy so much. I really wanted to like the cat story but just didn't.

I also started reading UGLIES the other night, and I've now got just over 100 pages to go. It's a fantastic book that grabbed me right away. I love the concept, the futuristic world, the characters - all of it. Can't wait to find out where Tally goes with everything she's finding out. I'm enjoying it so much that I also borrowed the other three books in the series. :) Lol. I've been going nuts with the YA books lately. But who can blame me? They're awesome!

Okay, that's it for today. I hope you all have a great day!

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