Saturday 7 February 2009

Wonder Woman: Down to Earth & Supernatural: Origins

Wonder Woman's quest to change the world meets resistance in many forms, and when she pens a book outlining her philosophy, she ignites a firestorm of controversy. From humans out to destroy her reputation to supervillains planning to destroy the world and ancient gods with darker intentions still, everybody seems to be gunning for the Amazon Princess.
I finished reading my first ever Wonder Woman comic book. Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe since I'm a huge fan. I was even wearing my Wonder Woman top all day today. ;) But honestly, I really enjoyed the story. Lots of action, great dialogue, and a very interesting storyline.
I LOVE the cover, too. How awesome is it? Very awesome. Lol.

Then I found this SUPERNATURAL: ORIGINS comic and grabbed it right away. I didn't see any of the others, but I hope they've got them. I love this series, and miss the boys when they're on a break, but their father always fascinated me.
This graphic novel prequel to the hit CW television show written by series Executive Producer, Peter Johnson, gives readers an incredible never-before-seen look into the mythos of the series.
After witnessing the murder of his wife at the hands of a demon, patriarch John Winchester begins a journey into the dark world of the supernatural, seeking a way to hunt down and kill the creature that took his wife. Can a newly widowed father balance fighting evil with raising his children? Discover what becomes of his two young sons, Dean and Sam, and how these formative events from their childhood will forever alter their destiny.
I felt that this story carried on from one of my favourite episodes this season - IN THE BEGINNING. I enjoyed catching a glimpse of Mary and John Winchester before all the horror that tore their life apart. And until then, I'd always assumed that the hunter life was something John had somehow inherited, I'd never suspected Mary was the one who unwillingly got all of them stuck in the world they're all forced to live in now.

Loved it! And although I felt that a lot of answers were still left open in this comic book, I'm sure that there'll be some as you read the other editions. And that is why I need to get my hands on them. ;)

Anyway, if you're a SUPERNATURAL fan, I think you'll get a kick out of this one.

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