Wednesday 25 February 2009


Through field, cave, and forest
this tale has been spun.
And three must now finish
what malice has begun.

One will bear sword,
and one will rule sky,
but one has the answer
hidden deep down inside --

an answer for anger,
a balm against rage,
freedom for a captive,
and the cure for a sage.

See who is standing
when you turn the last page.

So, I got through my UF novel revision tonight and decided to reward myself with reading the final book in the first series of THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES. Yeah, for the last few nights it's been my reward for getting closer to the end of my own story. :)

Anyway. Just finished it in one sitting. I LOVED IT! Not just this book, but the way the whole story was rounded out. There was a bit of everything in this story, and even with all the strange and wonderful things going on around the humans, real everyday human issues were dealt with realistically. You gotta love that!

I'm SO glad that I read (ie. devoured) this series during the last few days. Having watched the movie beforehand didn't ruin anything because in the end, it wound up being so different. Like always, the books were way better but hey, the movie was fun too.

I've got to encourage my daughter to read this series all the way through. She read the first one but hasn't picked up the others yet. She's gotta! It's awesome, no matter what age. :D

Now... what Holly Black book is my bookshelf missing? I've still got IRONSIDE waiting for me, but you know, I'm kinda avoiding it on purpose because I don't want the experience to end.

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