Wednesday 25 February 2009


At school, someone is running around pretending to be Jared, and it's not Simon. To make matters even worse, now Mallory has disappeared and something foul in the water is killing off all the plants and animals for miles around. Clues point to the old abandoned quarry, just outside of town. Dwarves have taken over an abandoned mine there. And the faerie world's abuzz with the news that a creature with plans to rule the world has offered them a gift to join with him - he's given them a queen...

Wow! Check out this cover, isn't it gorgeous? And the illustrations on the inside of the book are just as stunning. The story, well, I don't think I need to tell you how much I enjoyed the story... since I finished this book during the day in a few sittings.

I swear, this series is so addictive. And you know what? Just about everything that happened in this book wasn't in the movie. How strange. I found this installment just as fitting of the overall story as the books before it. Anyway. I loved the take on dwarves, as well as the pinch of fairy tale. It drew from mythology but in a very original way.

This series rocks!

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