Friday 23 January 2009

Time off can be tiring...

So, how's everyone doing? I'm doing great, but as I mentioned in the title, I'm really tired. Our sleeping habits are a little out-of-whack at the moment. So, yep, it's past 1AM and I'm posting a blog entry. Lol. Hubby's watching Beyond The Mat. I'm just a little too restless to sit down and watch anything. I'll probably fall asleep if I do.

We spent all day - well, I suppose it's now yesterday - painting my daughter's bedroom. I'm really impressed with the colour she chose. I'm not sure what the name was, but it's a lovely shade of lavender. It looks great! Now we gotta get the carpet in there. Hopefully the guys will pop in early in the morning to get it done, so we can spend the day putting everything back in nicely. I suppose that means we'll be throwing some more stuff away.

Man, once we're done with this, I really want to stay away from renovations for a while! I need to rest.

It's so darn hot. It's been hot all day, but even now it's balmy. Still, I do love summer. :)
I've started reading this book. Wow! It's so good. I'm about 120 pages in and I'm totally caught up in the story. What a cool idea.
Writing. Hmmm. There's been no writing all week. And you know what? I'm actually okay with that. For now. I can feel the itch to write starting at the back of my head, though. I've taken a few notes and have been thinking about what I'll tackle next, but soon there'll be no way to stay away. Lol. I think the break is helping me mentally.
Anyway. I think it's time to get going to bed. *yawn*

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