Thursday 22 January 2009


After the devil Himself claims Ivan Drake's soul on his twenty-first birthday, the vampire phoenix has no choice but to enforce his wicked rule. But when the devil sends him to claim the Book of All Spells, the last thing Ivan expects is to square off with its gorgeous protector, the witch Dez Merevech—or to be so attracted to her.

To retrieve the book might end the escalating war between the witches and the vampires, but to take it from Dez will ensure her death. With the fate of the paranormal world hanging in the balance, Ivan must choose wisely—and quickly.…

Michele Hauf knows how to tell a great tale, and this one was another intoxicating read. As soon as I started reading Ivan's story, I just wanted to keep going and going. Add the mysterious Dez to the mix, and I was hooked.

This is part of her Bewitching the Dark series about vampires and witches, so you might want to read the others beforehand - especially Kiss Me Deadly, because it's about Ivan's parents. :)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. Like I've said before, I love Michele's work and look forward to reading more of it. This book was dark, mysterious, sexy, and full of surprises.

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