Saturday 22 November 2008


In the alleys of the decrepit Boston neighborhood known as the Weird, fairy prostitutes are turning up dead. The crime scenes show signs of residual magic, but the Guild, which polices the fey, has more "important" crimes to investigate and dumps the case on human law enforcement.

Boston police call in Connor Grey, a druid and former hotshot Guild investigator-whose magical abilities were crippled after a run-in with a radical environmentalist elf. As Connor battles red tape and his own shortcomings, he realizes that the murders are not random, but part of an ancient magical ritual. And if Connor can't figure out the killer's M.O., the culmination of the spell might just bring about a worldwide cataclysm.

This is the first book in the Connor Grey series. I can't believe this one slipped my urban-fantasy-radar, but I'm really glad that I caught it. As a result, I've already ordered the second book and have added the third to my 2009 to-buy list.

Yep. I'm hooked. :)

I don't need to tell you anything about the story because it's already in the blurb above, but I will say that it rocked! Honestly, great book! I really like Connor and can't wait to read more about him and his situation, because I know something's gonna happen with his current lack of abilities. Lots of fascinating characters that I can't wait to meet up again with, too.

This book's a winner and I love the character's name. :D

I just love it when the world of Faerie is shown as the dangerous and mysterious place it really is... ;)

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