Wednesday 19 November 2008


It wasn't raining yet when I went for a walk this morning, and the kitty I ran into was a lot smaller than the one in the picture, but this morning I met up with a cute cat. It's one that I always run into. She's a sweet little thing - according to her owner, she recently had kitties - and I hadn't seen her for a bit. But she still seemed to remember me.

I love running into the neighbourhood cats. They're so darn cute. :)

Anyway. The reading is going well. The writing is going well too.

I started reading this book last night and have now reached page 50. Yay! It looks like another winner, too. And I'm now up to 37,150 words in my NaNo story. I won't get a chance to add any new words this afternoon, but I will tonight. My aim is to get past the 40k mark. That would be totally awesome. And since I've almost reached my week's word count goal, I'm feeling pretty good about the progress. Finally. Had a few ups and downs last week, huh?

Well. I think I'll go have some fruit and then try to squeeze in another chapter of my current read before I have to trek out in the rain. Bye!

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