Friday 7 November 2008


Yep. Definitely.

This week has been a little up-and-down for me. Not a very comfy week to embark on writing a new novel while participating in NaNoWriMo. :/

I haven't done any reading.

Although I did start researching a new novel idea yesterday. I think it's going to be a fun one that at the moment is just a teeny-tiny thing percolating inside my head. But I'm excited anyway.

Okay, here's my NaNo update: as of last night I was sitting @ 11,596 words. Less than 1k away from my weekly target, so I'm grateful that I at least had the chance to catch up. Next week's going to be a different story because I'm so into the swing of this story that I hated to stop. But there was no choice. It was late and lappy had no juice. Lol. :)

As you all know, Fridays aren't very productive for me. And today the hubby went to work super late, so we only just got home from dropping him off. It was awesome to have him home all day, but the traffic was a killer on the way back. We also stopped by the library. Good to see my daughter's enjoying the books she's been borrowing. Even the library was full, though.

Phew. I'm glad we're home now. Soon, it'll be time to get dinner ready, tidy up afterward and I might get my daughter to watch a movie so that I can add some new words. Gotta meet that weekly target and back it up all over the place so that I don't lose anything else...

Anway, have a great weekend!

ytd word count: 353,936

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