Monday 10 November 2008

It's a new week...

... and I'm almost scared to get stuck into it. Lol. After last week's shocker, who can blame me? :)

Anyway. It's Monday and I've already added some words to my NaNo story. I added about 2k and decided to take a break so that the lappy can recharge a little before I hit it with some more words. ;) I'm almost at 16k, so that's very cool.

It's the hubby's early week, so I get to write during the day. Plus, he gets home earlier than usual. He's also taking Wednesday off, so that's super cool. We get to spend the day together, although that does mean no words. Still, I can handle that.

Well, over the weekend we caught up on BURN NOTICE and SUPERNATURAL. Plus, DEXTER. OMG! Are these three shows awesome or what? Can't wait to see what happens to Michael after that explosion. Yikes! The giant teddy in SUPERNATURAL? How funny was that? And DEXTER - just when I was positive the show couldn't possibly get any better, it does!! I love it.

Well, the novel's going good. The hero and heroine are finally together. It's not going to be a nice and happy ride, but I'm really excited about writing it. They've met before, so there's a little bit of something there already, but to delve into their love and let their individual probs cloud the way is going to be interesting. Oh, and if you throw a psycho villain in there too, and a few subplots that'll open the way for book #3, yeah, I'm excited!

Well, have a nice day!

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