Wednesday 20 August 2008

Some news!

Well, the novella I was working on the other day is now finished. I got through reading it (one last time) on Monday night. Of course, by the time I was done, the word count had gone up again. It's now sitting @ 29,180. I emailed it to my editor as soon as I was done...

And guess what? I got a reply about it this morning.

*drumroll please*

It was accepted! The story that once upon a time was called The Basement, and has now evolved into a much longer and more involved story, will be part of the Tease Tarot. The Devil card to be precise. Isn't the cover image wicked? I love it! I'm SO excited.

Oh, yeah, and it's now called DAMAGED. I knew that the old title just didn't fit the new look. ;)

I'm reading TWILIGHT at the moment. *cough* Okay, let me be honest. I need to rephrase what I just said to: I'm totally intoxicated by the book TWILIGHT. I got stuck into it yesterday and am now at page 300-and-something. Can't wait to get back to it.

Also, last night I sat down behind the computer and wrote a pretty short, twisted, quirky and very odd zombie tale. I know, what's with the zombies lately? Lol. Anyway, it came in @ 2,912 words. This morning, I figured out what the title's going to be, and even how to break-up the sections so they're not really chapters. I mean, who needs chapters with a tale so small? :D

Have a good one!


Debra Moore said...

Hey Yo!

When you finish #1 and immediately grab the next one (which you will!!!), don't be too disappointed. I hear the 2nd is the weakest of the 4--I really didn't like it much. I've moved onto #3 now, and it's awesome!

Think I loved #1 more than I've liked anything in ages...

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Deb! You were SO right! I did get stuck into the second one right away. :D

I'm actually really enjoying it.

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