Wednesday 6 August 2008

Halfway through...

You know, the first half of the day was pretty cool. The hubby has been working really long hours the last few days, so he went in a little later today. We hung out together and went for a lovely, long walk and even picked up a lovely cup of vanilla coffee from Gloria Jean's.

Heck, we even found time to lift some weights together. Very cool. Then, after he went to work, the sun totally disappeared, it got colder and even started raining. Yeah, the day went downhill after that.

Now, I'm totally irritated with both my daughter and kitty. Do they have to co-ordinate their 'let's be annoying' times? :/

Anyway, enough about that.

Let's move onto my writing progress:

This was the word count after I finished my session last night. I haven't added any new words today. At least, not yet. I'll be picking up my lappy and I'll get on with it later. I'm very excited with how the story's moving along. :)

We finally watched the BURN NOTICE season 1 finale. Awesome! And the best thing is that Aussie TV has decided to keep playing new eps, which means we're getting into season 2 next week. Yay!

Catch'a later!

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