Friday 2 May 2008

End of week

Well, we're going to watch IRON MAN tomorrow. Yep. The hubby and I went over to buy the tickets today. At least we won't have to wait in line twice. I'm looking forward to watching it. Superhero movies rock. Although I can't wait for INDIANA JONES!

The last few days have been pretty busy for me. I've been trying (like crazy) to get the final drafts completed for two of my short stories. So far, one down. The other, I'm currently sitting at page 42/71. Will I be able to get it done tonight? Let's hope so. I'd love to start the week off with a new project.

I got a new idea the other day. I believe it will probably end up being a novel idea. So far, though, all I have is the character. I know her occupation, how she gets around town, and what she is. Of course, we're talking urban fantasy. :) And the plot is slowly coming together. Isn't it awesome when the process decides to switch gears on you? I gotta get a notebook out. Heck, I think it's time to start casting her too. I need to find a pic which captures how I see her in my head... this idea still has a lot of work to go before it can become more than that. But with so many other ideas already so developed and ready to be tackled, it'll be good to have one in the background.

This writing thing never gets old. I love it.

I'm feeling a little bit clogged today. Not quite in the I-have-a-cold category, but certainly on my way. I have the sore, dry throat and the runny nose. I can also feel my eyes start to itch. Soon, they'll start to water. Ah, it's already starting to feel like winter. And we're not even there yet! :( At least my neck and shoulder are much, much better now. Looks like those tablets worked. The only thing that still hurts a lot, and mostly at the end of the day, is my elbow.

Anyway, have an awesome weekend.

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