Friday 1 February 2008

It's another cool and grey autumn day, here in Sydney

Oh. Hold on. We're in the middle of summer at the moment. That's right. For a second I forgot. You wouldn't know which season it is at the moment by looking out the window.

Y'know, I reckon that one of these days, seasons are going to be nothing more than a name. A title given to sections of the year, because none of the seasons have acted accordingly for a long time now.

Anyway. Enough about the weather. :/

I passed the 10k mark on my first draft this afternoon. This is the official progress meter:

If I get the chance to add some more words later - which I'm hoping to - it would be nice to get to 12k. No particular reason for that particular number. Just the fact that I'd like to get the next chapter (mostly) out of my head, because it's scraping away at me.
The story's moving fast, with many more probs than I initially expected for this couple. I'm going to torture them a lot. Things just aren't lookin' too crash hot for them right now. But it's so much fun! I love this insanely dark world they live in. It feels so real to me, like it sorta exists somewhere. And I guess in a way, it does. Inside my (crazy) head. Lol. :D
Lots of things are falling into place. Others are surprising me out of nowhere. And I'm already getting attached to the cast of characters. I'm lovin' the process.

Anyway. I'm hoping to watch the next episode of Torchwood tonight. Did any of you guys watch last week's ep? It was so much fun. Man, I love this show. Though it did touch a little on a similar storyline I've already written about. But hey, that happens a lot. The whole no-new-ideas thing. ;)
Have a great weekend!

ytd word count: 28,170 (<---- this will hopefully change later on...)


Ericka Scott said...

Our weather has actually been "normal" -- overcast and rainy for winter!

Glad you are writing away...I'm doing Fast Draft for the next two weeks in hopes of cranking out a couple of novellas... or one big book to pitch at nationals...

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Ericka! good luck with the Fast Draft/s. :)

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