Wednesday 16 January 2008

The sun's back...

And that makes me happy. :) Yeah. Though we've decided it's best for me to have the car every single day this week. It makes it easier to get to the pools and back. Before it was the rain, now it's the heat. Lol. It's just easier this way.

I'm also going to try and book next week for swimming lessons too. My daughter's doing well in the pool, but I don't think one week will be enough time. Of course, two weeks probably won't be either, but it'll give her more time in the pool with the instructors.

Sure is boring sitting around waiting for her, but the time goes by real quick. And she's having fun in the water. I'm really happy about that.

I finished reading the third book for 2008, so I'm on track for the read-one-book-a-week. Another excellent book, btw. What will I read next? It's back to the bookshelf...

Got up for yoga this morning, so I feel a bit better. It really does give you more energy. Today I need to do a few home duties before heading out. The kitty litter box needs to be changed, before he starts giving me dirty looks. He's a funny little boy, our Loki.

I've also decided that I will not aim to do any new writing this week. My muse is having a great time jumping from one novel idea to the other. Giving me a whole bunch of new things which enhance the story and characters. I like that. Can't complain. Sure, it would be good to be doing actual writing, but this is cool too. It'll make it much smoother when it's time to sit down and pump those words out.

Anyway, better get to that litter box. ;)


Ericka Scott said...

Yep...sometimes those stories just need time to percolate!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yep. ;)

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