Tuesday 15 January 2008


The D'Artigo sisters, Camille, Delilah, and Menolly, are half-human, half- Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. When humans begin to go missing, then turn up as newly born vampires, Menolly- an acrobat extraordinaire-turned-vampire- must face the demons haunting her memories.

Wow! Another awesome book. This is the third The Sisters on the Moon book by Yasmine Galenorn, and it doesn't disappoint. It's packed with new problems for the sisters, and a lot of action. I loved every minute of it. Menolly intrigued me from the moment she was introduced in Witchling, so I couldn't wait to meet her and get into her head.

The constant pain she relives because of her physical and mental scars is heartbreaking. As if it isn't enough to have to deal with the fact that she's a vampire. Her sire, Dredge is evil. And intent on not leaving her alone.

Man, this was another excellent installment. And Yasmine's got three more coming. I can't wait to see how this series develops. As things get solved and sorted, new things pop up. The next one is in Camille's POV and has Smoky in it. Yikes! Can't wait. ;)

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