Saturday 23 June 2007


She's lost her touch. . .
Superheroine Risa Remington once had the power to read thoughts and emotions with a stroke of her fingertips. Until a lab accident changed everything. Now Risa has to learn to live in the real world—virgin territory for a girl who’s never experienced life, love, or sex.

UNTOUCHED is actually the first Blaze book I've ever read. Not sure why I never picked one up before, but I do know what's attracted me to them lately. It's this new series they've got going within the Blaze books called EXTREME. It's going to deal with vampires, superheroes, witches, ghosts and that type of thing. So of course, I took notice! Lol.

Anyway. This is about a superhero that has lost her powers and is now struggling to learn how to be normal. However, things get complicated when Daniel enters Risa's life to make sure she's settled into 'normal', and isn't actually working for the enemy. Of course, there's much more to what he has to try to uncover. After all, he is a CIA agent.

What I really enjoyed about this book was that although Risa was supposed to be the one that didn't have a grasp of normalcy in her life because she'd been raised in a lab, Daniel was as out of touch as she was. And together, well, let's just say the sparks fly. I loved the sensuality and raw emotion that develops between them, even if it's continually shadowed by suspicion. It keeps you guessing and wondering just how, and if, these two will ever find middle ground enough to be together.

I'm very glad I decided to try out this Blaze, because it's convinved me to check out all the Extremes they release... as well as a few others. I already have Hitting the Mark by Jill Monroe. ;)


Ericka Scott said...

I've got a couple of these in my TBR pile for research.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Oh, Ericka, me too! ;)

Jill Monroe said...

I've always enjoyed Samantha's writing. Hope you like HTM!

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