Monday 7 May 2007


On a trip to England, physicist Portia Harding is stalked by a heart-stoppingly handsome maniac.Theondre North is a nephilim-the son of a fallen angel-who needs Portia's help to change his fate. Problem is, Portia's down-to-earth attitude frustrates beings from both heavenly and hellish realms-and gets Theo turned into a vampire. But at least he has Portia to satisfy his newfound hungers-and possibly save his soul.

This is the latest Dark One novel from Katie Mac. And no, it isn't the last one.

This one was a little different to the previous ones because the hero is a nephilim. Anyway, although the Amazon overall rating isn't that great, I quite enjoyed it! It was a fun read with the usual Katie humour, and a cool storyline.

Portia and Theo connected well too, and I love that we were introduced to the Court of Divine Blood. I'm actually looking forward to finding out what else happens with these two.

Funny book. I actually laughed out loud in several sections. :D

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