Thursday 18 January 2007


I finished reading this book last night! I was going to read a little more before going to bed but got so caught up in what was happening that I wound up finishing it!

Man, it was GREAT! I loved it! The heroine is Cass and she's a medium that helps the police sometimes. Except, she's not respected or even accepted. Hardly anyone believes she's got the talent to hear the dead speak, and so she lives a life of isolation with very few possessions. Too many things happened in her past, and she has trouble trusting people.

With a serial killer on the loose, Cass is forced to trust in someone... and not just herself!

I really enjoyed this ride and tried to guess who the killer was, but didn't. Just like every other Bombshell I've read, this is another keeper!

I can't believe they got rid of this line!

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