Wednesday 24 January 2007


In her old life, Isabella DeMarco lived in New York with her father and had just started to fall for a handsome police lieutenant. Then she learned the truth--she is Gifted, a powerful magic user.

Okay, I finished this book last night. It's another GREAT Bombshell. I started it over the weekend and read a little more each night, but last night I polished off the last 80 pages or so in one sitting. It seems to be the trend for this year. I start out sneaking in as many reading sessions as I can, until I can't take it anymore and just have to finish the book!

And this one didn't disappoint.

It follows straight after Daughter of the Flames, which I absolutely loved as well.

In this book we fall deeper into the world of the Gifted and the supernaturals of New Orleans. The atmosphere is wonderful and engulfed in mystery. The characters are engaging and wonderful. Most of the time I was untrusting of the people around Izzy, just as confused about who was friend or foe as she was. It was so nicely written, and so much happens to Izzy in this instalment.

It's amazing, and definitely worth reading until the very last word. Because right at the very end, we find out an even deeper secret about her... This trilogy is great. I can't wait to read the next one. Though with the demise of the Bombshell line, I'm not sure how it will be released. :/

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