Thursday 12 October 2006

They've done it again...

Yeah, this time it's channel 9. The same channel that decided two episodes of ROME was enough to cancel it! Now they've done the same to THE SOPRANOS. They claim three eps was enough to decide that the low ratings didn't warrant them continuing for the moment! I mean, are they serious? The time slot was 10:30pm on a Wednesday night for God's sake!

This makes me so damn angry that we're seriously considering NOT watching ANYTHING on network TV!

Last night channel 10 decided to FINALLY show the second last ep of HOUSE. And next week we'll get to see the final episode of the second season. Gee, THANKS SO MUCH! *insert a lot of sarcasm here*

I think it's pathetic and cruel to string viewers along like this. Hence the rant! :/

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