Monday 9 October 2006


Okay... over the weekend I read the entire SORORITY trilogy by Tamara Thorne. And it was actually very entertaining, and edgy. It's not your average tale of blonde-bimbo-cheerleaders only concerned about hair and clothes. No, this group of chicks is involved in some very dark, ancient and disgusting things going on around Greenbriar University.

Eve, Merilynn and Samantha are three very different girls. They share some secrets that went on back when they were kids at cheerleader camp. And now, they all meet up at this university and the Gamma Eta Pi sorority.

Eve just wants to be a cheerleader. She's good at it and loves doing it, but also has a brain inside her head, though she's maybe too nice.

Merilynn's in it for the ghost stories. Everything that's been rumoured to happen around the forest surrounding the university sets her mind ablaze.

Samantha wants to be a journalist. And she's in it to find out what makes a girl want to be a cheerleader, though she becomes involved in so much more.

Each character has her own unique personality. Each book is also interwined with other POVs. Each different POV helped the story unfold, and there's a lot to include. Like the ghost of Holly Gayle, and the Fata Morgana secret society, the legend of the Green Knight, why Merilynn is so obssessed with the place...

I could go on for a long while trying to include everything that goes on in these three books, but I think I've said enough. I really enjoyed reading each book and couldn't wait to get stuck into the next one to see what else was going to happen and how it would all end. There's nothing predictable about this trilogy either, so if you pick it up - expect the unexpected.

Anyway, overall, they were a lot of FUN! There were some scary bits, raunchy bits, horror bits, tension-filled bits... it was a GREAT ride! I really enjoyed them - both individually and as a trilogy unfolding the bigger story.

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