Friday 27 October 2006


Okay, I've had this book on the bookshelf taunting me for a few months! I swear, I've been itching to get to it but something or other kept getting in the way. So, I cracked it open a few nights ago and got totally engrossed in it! It's an amazing adventure about an archaeologist called Annja Creed. She's fascinated with myths and mysteries. Her latest pursuit takes her to France, in search of the Beast of Gevaudan, and what she uncovers gets her caught up in a whole bunch of trouble.

Annja's a very likeable character. A woman who's very much independent and has used her past as a way of empowering who she is today, instead of weakening her. She does pieces for a hip cable show called Chasing History's Monsters without losing any of the integrity to both herself and the subject matter.

The other characters - especially Roux and Garin - are totally fascinating. As is what she ultimately discovers about this so-called Beast, La Bete. Not to mention the mystery of Joan of Arc's sword! Wow, there was so much in this book that I'm personally intrigued by...

I absolutely loved every minute of this book and can't wait to get stuck into the next one!

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