Friday 6 October 2006

Bad, bad night!

So, apparently I suffered a mild panic attack last night. No, it was actually in the early hours of this morning. You all know how my nose has been continually stuffed up for several months now, right? Well, it started getting worse this week. And well, I've been trying to ignore it. Hoping that it would just go away by itself. But that's not how the body works, huh?

Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning, unable to breathe in through my nose. I felt like I was gasping for breath, so light-headed I was sure I'd pass out sooner or later. And what did I do? Freak out, of course! I started gulping breath in through my mouth for too long, and got all shaky. I was dizzy and desperately trying to clear up my nose, but couldn't! So I was shaking so much I woke my hubby up and he helped coax me into sleep.

I thought I'd fallen asleep by 2:30 am, but he reckons it was later. Woke up at about 9 am again to get started with the day. We drove hubby to work, so we'd have the car to go to the doctor. I explained everything to him and that's when he told me I sent my body into a panic attack. It's all about the oxygen in, carbon dioxide out thing. Anyway, he checked my lungs and there's no wheezing. That means no asthma. He says they're clear, no lung infection. My nasal passage, however, is still very much blocked.

He prescribed a nasal spray I need to inhale once a day and told me to buy another for immediate effect. So, almost $50 later, I got some medicine! I've already used the prescribed spray but that takes several days to kick in. The other one's for the evening, when it all goes to hell. I certainly DON'T want another night like last night!

It was terrible. I can't believe my body got all thrown out of whack like that. The body is an amazingly scary thing, isn't it? Now I'm hoping this all works out. Otherwise I need to go back in a few weeks and start with the allergy tests. Ugh! I mean, looks like I'm already allergic to something...

Anyway, managed to get a bit of revision done. I think I almost reached page 230 but my mind and heart just wasn't it. I'm a little distracted and starting to feel the effects of hardly sleeping last night.

Thank God it's the weekend and we can try take it easy... have a GOOD one, guys!


C. T. Adams said...

Poor girls to you! I have allergies and irritant induced asthma, so I know where you're coming from. Not being able to breathe is SCARY.

Take care of yourself!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...


How you doing? :)

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