Monday 25 September 2006

Happy Anniversary!

To the hubby and me! Yay. It's our seventh wedding anniversary today... very exciting! We're not doing anything out of the ordinary. Just being together has always been the best present of all. Can't wait until he gets home!

So, how was everyone's weekend?

Ours was pretty good. The weather sucked a bit yesterday, though. We went for a walk and it was very uncomfortable. The wind kept whipping things into our eyes. Ugh! But anyway, let's back it up a bit. On Saturday we went to a little girl's 6th b-day party. Totally boring, but at least my daughter had fun.

That night we caught up on some shows:

DOCTOR WHO: what an excellent ep! Creepy kid. Looks like we're almost at the finish line for season 2 and I'm gonna miss it when it's over in a few weeks. :(
JAMIE'S KITCHEN AUSTRALIA: A lot of 'loser' kids in the final 30, but I think it's so cool that he's trying to help these troubled teenagers. It's just annoying when you see them get an opportunity like this and they stuff it up!

JERICHO: Okay... I enjoyed it. I think. The mushroom cloud's always a morbid thing to see, isn't it? Though I enjoy post-apocalytic stories, there's something missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Might give it another week, see what I think. But so far I'm kinda leaning towards the meh-factor. :/

THE SOPRANOS: Wow! This show always goes off with a bang and the latest season is no exception. OMG! These people are so f'ed up. I love it! Now, this is a show that I'm totally hooked on.

Yesterday was a nice, slower day. Got DMR finished. Cool book... then I started eyeing the TBR pile. Have already started another book. BAITED is very interesting so far and I've only just started. The Prologue got me -- I gotta know how she got into that situation!

Which brings me to another show:

ROME: Okay, this is another one that's up in the air for me. Uh, it was interesting but it just didn't grab me. I heard that it gets better as it moves along, does anyone know that for sure? Once again, might give it one more go and decide yay or nay from that. Man, I can't remember her name but there's this hussy in it who's a totally annoying bitch!

And now we're at today. The last week before my daughter's 2-week holiday break.

What am I doing this week? Well, the main thing I wanted to do today was write the first SCRYbe short story. I got the first draft done at just over 1,400. Gotta do some cut, cut, cutting. Then got a new story started. 1,010 words written. Not too bad, and gave me a sense of direction for the character's journey and motivation. This is going to be another smaller story, probably within the 10-15k word range. These are a lot of fun to write -- trying to pack in an intense story and interesting character tales into a compact story.

I enjoy doing that.

Okay, better get going now. My daughter's trying to have a conversation with me as I try to type... not the most comfy thing in the world to do.

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