Friday 29 September 2006


Man, this book is so cool... it grabbed me instantly. The characters were engaging, though the suspicion kept building for all of them at one stage or another. This was like a thrill ride through someone's worst nightmare.

When Katsu Espinoza agrees to go sailing with the family of her good friend and mentor, Duke, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. To make matters worse, her ex is the yacht’s captain... and if that wasn't bad enough, she ends up on a deserted island where the survivors are disappearing one after the other.

The premise had me hooked instantly. As the story built up and the tension got dense, I just had to keep reading. I hated putting this book down, honestly did. The mystery was so engrossing that I would've loved to read this in one sitting... so I did it in three instead. But I swear - the answer, the reason and the killer were a huge surprise. A true bombshell I didn't expect... and Crystal throws you off-course so many times, it's brilliant!

Kat is such an honest character too. She reacts like any real person would - horrified, scared but trying to keep everything and everyone together. Her flaws and insecurities stem from her mixed background and I loved her point of view.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how excellent this book is but would end up giving something vital away. And that would wreck the whole experience. So, if you enjoy a great mystery with a wicked revelation and horrid turn of events, check it out!

But in the mean time, check this little trailer out.

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