Wednesday 6 September 2006

80s Wednesday

Today, I'm talking about the VCR. The Videocassette recorder wasn't actually invented in the 80s. Hell, it was invented way before that... but most of us got familiar with it during that decade.

And what is it? According to Wiki:

The videocassette recorder (or VCR, more commonly known in the British Isles as the video recorder), is a type of video tape recorder that uses removable videotape cassettes containing magnetic tape to record audio and video from a television broadcast so it can be played back later. Many VCRs have their own tuner (for direct TV reception) and a programmable timer (for unattended recording of a certain channel at a particular time).

Ah, I remember the first time we got one in our house back in the mid-80s, after some family friends let us watch First Blood on their Betacord. We were blown away. Our one kinda popped open at the top so you could insert the tape, then push it down to close. Genius! Anyway, after that we would go to the video shop almost every single day. At first there really wasn't much to choose from, but it didn't take long for a huge selection of movies to be available.

We started out by borrowing every Bruce Lee movie ever made. And then followed it up with Chuck Norris. Gosh, who could turn their backs on all that action/karate stuff with so many revenge storylines. Gotta love it! And the taping stuff off the TV! It was all so exciting...

Anyway, today I'm giving the VHS VCR we first purchased the honour it deserves.

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