Thursday 31 August 2006

Lots o' reading going on...

... yet I haven't picked up another book for a few weeks now! I'm just too wrapped up in my own writing, but my fingers are itching to pick something up off the bookshelf. Ah!

I'm a little sore at the moment. We did some weights last night and got stuck into some yoga first thing this morning. Now the muscles are really starting to feel it... still, it's good to know they're reacting to the exercise.

Well, I stopped with the revision a little earlier than usual but still managed to get to page 311/367. I'm almost there... kinda feels a little strange this time, though. This isn't just the end of another revision I'm reaching. Once I'm done with this Trina novel, it'll be the end of her trilogy. That's exciting, but a little sad at the same time. I mean, she'll be back. I've got plenty of ideas for other characters in this world, and she'll no doubt make appearances... but I got to thinking today: what about her? Will I ever write another Trina story? And I think the answer is yeah. I like her and Tomas too much not to return someday.

I like her story arc, where it all ends and what it leads to. Also particularly like that although it comes to an end, it still opens a lot of doors for further expansion.

Ah, on another note -- I got a new story idea last night. I'm not quite sure if this'll be something short or novella-size yet. But I'm excited about it anyway.

Okay, gotta go and pick the little pirate up from school soon. :D We've got a few things we need to do this afternoon. Looks like the hubby might be working a little late today, so we got our grocery shopping out of the way yesterday. Oh, and did I mention my daughter got her Sight Words 4 booklet the other day? Gee, I didn't even know there was a #4, so there you go. But because she's been reading so much every night, she pretty much knows all the words. I love that she loves reading. That's very cool. The teachers have moved her up to level 10, which considering she was still on 3 less than three months ago, is pretty darn cool.

Very proud of the little munchkin.

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