Tuesday 15 August 2006

Never enough vamps!

My daughter came home with a swollen and badly grazed face yesterday. It's just below her left eye. Luckily nothing happened to her eye, but the skin's looking really tender and sore. Apparently they were preparing for the Athletics Carnival - which happens to be today - with a practice run and she slipped and fell face-first into the dirt. Even swallowed some and got it up her nose. The poor thing. It actually looked worse this morning, a little puffier. But she was very lucky.

She can be so klutzy sometimes. I wish I could wrap her up in cotton wool. Lol. It hurts just to look at her, but she's a tough little thing. Even after the fall, she was still looking forward to today's events. Hope she enjoyed herself.

Ah... being a parent. Sometimes it sure is hard, huh? To see her stumble and fall when you wish you could cushion it...

Anyway, my paper revision time was shortened a little today. Had to do a few things this morning and that always cuts into my total time, but still I managed some progess. I am now officially up to page 160/376. Not bad. If I keep moving this well, I should be able to reach my target of having read the whole MS by the end of the week. Once again, not looking forward to typing everything in. Ugh. But I'm still enjoying the story. Am also very happy to see how well it fits together with the first novel. Man, reading it last week was a very good idea. Gotta thank the muse for that. ;)

Still reading THE TURNING. A little a night, because weeknights are just like that, aren't they? I think I'm up to page 120, or something like that. I'm really enjoying it. A little different from the usual vampire thing, but then again, I think every vampire book I read is different in its own way. I keep reading about how the vampire market is saturated and they're all following the same formula... but I just don't agree. I personally love vamps and whenever there's a new vampire release, I'm pretty much all over it. I say keep the vampires comin' baby!

And on that happy note, I'm going to go get my daughter from school... *looking over shoulder* And it looks like I should hurry. The sky was clear and beautiful an hour ago and has now totally darkened. Looks like a storm. :/

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