Tuesday 15 August 2006

Bombshell, no more.

Yes, here's some very disturbing news from Harlequin. The brilliant imprint that is BOMBSHELL will no longer be around after February 2007. I personally, being a huge fan of these books, can't understand what went wrong.

Well, okay, so I agree with what other fans are saying: these books just weren't marketed correctly. I think for one, the Silhouette symbol could've been dropped and they should've been displayed in action, adventure, etc. sections of bookstores - not with the other Harlequin lines. I've got nothing whatsoever against the other imprints, but this one was so different, that it deserved its own place.

I honestly believe that.

I've read heaps of Bombshells and loved every single one of them. Each one, was wonderful in its own way. And I'm certainly going to miss these books. Will they find another home for these incredible characters -- all strong, independent, kick butt women with so much to lose -- or is the market just not interested in these heroines? I find the latter hard to believe in today's society!

Anyway, I hope all the best to the editors of this imprint and to the many wonderful, nice writers that I've come in contact with during the last few years because of these books.

I'm gonna miss the actual 'Bombshells' in these books too...

Check out the official announcement here.

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