Wednesday 12 July 2006

Not much writing goin' on

Yeah, I haven't even posted a real post all week, have I?

The b-day weekend was really nice. Relaxing, fun and filled with reading. Pretty much the same now. I'm about 60 pages into the first Madonna Key book, Lost Calling. So far so good. Catrina Dauvergne isn't your conventional narrator, I'm loving it so far.

Anyway, my daughter can now count from 1 all the way through to 100 and only pauses after 29. Mmm, still has a small prob with the 30s. Very strange but she's getting better. On a cooler note, she can now read all her Sight Words 3 booklet. There's about 40 words in it and the only ones giving her trouble were did and or. Can you believe it? Out of all the words, these are what she calls the 'harder' ones. Once again, Mmm. I guess everyone's different. *shrug*

I'm very happy about getting through all this stuff with her, but it's definitely affected my writing time. But it's alright, I'm just having a small break, right? Though I did write a 1,348 words short story yesterday. It was about a character mentioned in saint. There was a scene in the novel that sparked this little story off in my head. I just had to write it.

Maybe because of the project I've assigned myself for next week, I just don't want to get stuck into anything too deep this week.

Last night the hubby and I watched a documentary called EXORCISTS: THE TRUE STORY. It was very interesting. About the incident that inspired William Peter Blatty to write The Exorcist. It focused on a case about a teenage boy from Maryland in 1949, who was 'possessed' by the devil. The priest who conducted the exorcism kept a journal about the account, which took many, many days. It was powerful, and like the movie pointed towards the use of an ouija board enticing the demonic possession. Of course, there's never real evidence to support these cases but it doesn't make it less fascinating.

As a writer, I love watching stuff like this. And last night was no exception. My muse was definitely taking notes as we sat on the couch watching it. If you wanna read a little more about the incident, go here. And since I've got an idea for a character dealing with this sort of thing, there were several points that came in really handy.

I have to get a notebook out and get scribbling. Hell (no pun intended) maybe that's what I should concentrate on for the rest of the week!

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