Friday 17 March 2006


Okay, just finished my chunk o' words for the day and I've still got about half an hour before my daughter gets out of school. So I thought I'd put a post down before words start to fail me... I swear, I've been so tired this week. And it's not a sluggish kinda tired either, it's a fit-in-as-much-as-I-can-into-a-day kinda tired. Phew.

Here we go:

( ##########======= )
45,023 / 80,000 : 56.3%

I really could've kept writing for at least another 1k but I'm at a point now where everything is going to speed up and go totally crazy! So I thought it would be better to leave it where I was for Monday morning. Yeah, looking forward to going back that's for sure.

While walking back from the mailbox a few hours ago I saw a tiny mouse cross in front of me. It was so tiny and kinda shocked me. It was hiding in the grass and I thought, what the hell? When I looked up, on the railing sat this huge magpie giving me the evil eye. I took a step back and kept moving. I'm not risking an eye to double check it was a mouse or not!

Strange but true.

Anyway, that discussion I had with myself the other day... definitely urban fantasy!


Savannah Jordan said...

Wow, talk about a surreal moment. The mouse... the bird... You should check out the book Animal Speak. It tells what the appearnce of certain animals might mean.

I'm very proud of you keeping to your word count, Y!!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey AE!

Sounds like an interesting book... what does it say about a mouse and a bird? Do you know? It was such a strange thing... a little freaky actually!

Have a GREAT weekend! Is this the TNA weekend? Have HEAPS of FUN!


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